5th International Workshop on Mining Actionable Insights from Social Networks

Special Edition on Dis/Misinformation Mining from Social Media

Accepted Papers

  • Amila Silva, Yi Han, Ling Luo, Shanika Karunasekera and Christopher Leckie. Embedding Partial Propagation Network for Fake News Early Detection

  • Sultan Alshamrani, Mohammed Abuhamad, Ahmed Abusnaina and David Mohaisen. Topic-Driven Toxicity Revisited: Investigating Online Toxicity in Users Interactions with the Mainstream Media on YouTube

  • Kaize Ding, Kai Shu, Yichuan Li, Amrita Bhattacharjee and Huan Liu. Challenges in Combating COVID-19 Infodemic- Data, Tools, and Ethics

  • Rayan Suryadikara, Suzan Verberne and Frank W Takes. False News Classification and Dissemination: The case of the 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election

  • Yavuz Selim Kartal, Mucahid Kutlu and Busra Guvenen. Too Many Claims to Fact-Check: Prioritizing PoliticalClaims Based on Check-Worthiness

  • Thomas Marcoux, Esther Mead and Nitin Agarwal. The Ebb and Flow of the COVID-19 Misinformation Themes

  • Lin Tian, Xiuzhen Zhang and Jey Han Lau. #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica: Rumour Analysis on Twitter During COVID-19

  • Bhavtosh Rath and Jaideep Srivastava. Epidemiology Inspired Framework for Fake News Mitigation in Social Networks

  • Shahan Ali Memon and Kathleen M. Carley. Characterizing COVID-19 Misinformation Communities Using a Novel Twitter Dataset